Rock Shrimp

When baked or broiled the hard shell gives the shrimp a lobster-like flavor and bite. They are difficult to peel but well worth the trouble.

Rock Shrimp (Sicyonia Brevirostris) probably best described as armor-plated shrimp that tastes more like lobster, lives and breeds offshore of Cape San Blas in between 100 and 200 feet of water. These tasty shrimp are an everyday meal to a hungry snapper lurking over the Empire Mica. They are difficult to peel but well worth the trouble to split and broiled. They just may be the most underrated shrimp on the planet. May and June are the months of heaviest production where it is not unheard of for a vessel to produce over 30,000 lbs. of rock shrimp in a single trip.

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