The Finest Farm-Raised Shrimp, for nearly 20 years.

Thank you for helping to promote our Green-Rated and sustainable Farm-Raised USA shrimp. Our product starts with a white shrimp (Penaeus Vanemei) hatched in the Florida Keys transported to our northwest Florida facility which has received the green rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium program and FishWise.

Located 20 miles inland, and at over 1,000 feet below the surface, we have good access to an abundant supply of one of the best sources of pure saltwater in the world. Our unique water supply and modern facility separates us from the rest of the world’s farmed product and helps to produce a vibrant, healthy, firm and surprisingly sweet, flavorful shrimp.

  • Inland Location
  • Zero Discharge
  • Bio-Secure
  • Zero Chemical Additives
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Woods USA Farmed-Raised Shrimp began operations, in 2006, with a pilot program encompassing five acres of production. That quickly grew to 25 acres of pristine shrimp aquaculture, setting us on our course of becoming one of the country’s premier production facilities.

Due to the success of our Green-Rated and sustainable shrimp, we have expanded our farm to over 150 acres of production.