Wood’s Fisheries Launches Initiatives on Traceability, Sustainability

Posted by: Reese Antley

Wood's Fisherie's Traceability app

Wood’s Fisheries launches initiatives on traceability, sustainability –    Undercurrent News

Wood’s Fisheries is embarking on new traceability and sustainability initiatives to assure customers of the quality and origin of it Gulf of Mexico products.

The company has long held sustainability and traceability as top priorities, but these initiatives will make it easier to communicate and verify its practices to consumers.

Traceability — through efforts such as using traceability software Trace Register — is a key component for the sake of the fisheries.

“Sustainability efforts and Fishery Improvements Projects (FIPs) cannot be validated without traceability,” Reese Antley ,VP of operations. “Traceability is essential to a FIPs’ success.”

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